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On-Brand, Growth Marketing



Helping Passionate CEOs Scale with Ease, Maximize Their Impact, and, most importantly, Multiply Their Revenue.

Our data-driven, relationship-first approach to marketing campaigns has led to amazing wins, like:

🎉 Multiple 6-figure quarters through an organic email marketing strategy alone

🎉 18X ROI from optimizing automated email flows within 3 months

🎉 Adding $25,000+ per month
of revenue in passive sales

But More Importantly...


🥂 Take maternity leave, enjoy their new baby and still have 5-Figure Flash Sales without lifting a single finger

🥂 Go on a 3-week long vacation during the launch of their group program and come back with 20+ inquiries and sales calls booked on their calendar

🥂 Focus on R&D to develop new, profitable and exciting products for their business without affecting customer acqusition or retention

🥂 Jumpstarting a brand new business and fueling the growth of that second business with the revenue from our marketing campaigns

Hey, hi, hello!

Meet Chelsya — the Founder of Cheya Media.

Chelsya Ernina is an experienced and passionate growth strategist who specializes in content strategy and data-driven marketing. She has 7+ years in marketing and has worked with over 400 companies to grow their business through content marketing and growth strategies - including large corporations like JCPenney, Stanley Tools, Proof Syrup, and AARP.

Chelsya’s passion lies in helping e-commerce and service-based businesses scale on-brand, create more impact in less time, and give founders the freedom to stay in their zone of genius while watching their revenue increase. 

Cheya Media’s mission is to help founders make more money while minimizing the anxiety and stress that come with running their own business. Cheya Media is your performance marketing team.

Over to a Few of Our Amazing Clients...

Nicole Cruz
TEDx Speaker & Leadership Coach

Julia Neto

Personal Trainer & Founder of an Online Membership

Allie Mazur

Coach & Founder of Online Business

Maria Wodzinska

E-Commerce Beauty Founder


Check It Out...

We've worked with brands from inception to $10M in revenue per year. As long as we're a great fit, you can bank on a team that focuses on results each and every time.

We already know...

👉🏽 You’re tired of working with agencies and freelancers that make you feel like you aren’t a priority and don’t take the time to really understand your brand

👉🏽 You’re only seeing a 2.5x ROAS on your current strategy and you KNOW you can do better.

​👉🏽 You’re doing all the right things but you’re still hearing crickets…no clicks, no conversions, you know something is missing

👉🏽 ​You're constantly sending emails and you’re posting consistently but you feel like you’re overwhelming, or let’s be honest, underwhelming, your audience. Your content needs a little more spice to get your audience to say yes to you

What if you worked with a Fractional CMO that actually cared about you, your brand, and your results?

If you’re done settling for 'good enough' and you know you’re ready for more, you’re in the right place.

While some marketing agencies obsess over vanity metrics, we focus on creating real results that generate revenue through data-driven, relationship-based strategies that make you $$$$

But if you ask any of our clients, their jaw dropping, or rather wallet filling, results aren’t the only reason why they stick with us…

Here's What Our Previous Clients Are Saying...

Working with Chelsya has allowed me to make progress on my goals without feeling overwhelmed!

There’s always so much on the “to-do” list as a business owner and having her support has allowed me to focus on the things I’m good at vs. struggling through all the things!

I feel like I had a business partner!

- Maggie Gomez

Working with Chelsya allowed me to focus on more high level tasks.

She has been great in bringing my vision to reality, giving me back more time in the business and coming to me with strategic solutions to grow.

She is excellent at what she does!

- Abi Shamji

Finding the right team, and service, and being able to articulate what I needed - Cheya Media helped me to understand what was possible.

It was a pleasure working with Chelsya and her team. They delivered above my expectations. It is an amazing experience and an effective way to develop marketing strength for your brand.

- Carolyn Thielstyle

Chelsya is amazing! She's professional, listens well, and understands the role of marketing in the sales process.

She knows how to collect and analyze data to help with business decisions and go the extra mile to provide solutions for your company.

- Mahek Virani


Let's Build Something Great Together!

Helping impact-driven brands is kind of our thing…but our mission doesn’t stop there.

💫 We donate 10% of our profits each month to 501C3 organizations founded by and created for marginalized communities!

💫 We emphasize hiring passionate and skillful female team members and vendors!

💫 We prioritize constant learning and development to serve our clients well by getting certified and attending quarterly marketing / business events hosted by industry experts.

Let’s Face it: Some Agencies Suck, But We Don’t.

In fact, we've actively built something different by avoiding all of the things people hate about traditional agencies.

Intimate Team, High-Touch Daily Support

Our team is small but mighty; we're passionate, dedicated, highly-motivated and results-oriented... all for you and your brand. When we're in it, we're 100% in it.

Data Obsessed, Relationship Focused

Every decision made for you and your business is backed by insights and analytics. We balance prioritizing your audience with the customer journey within your brand.

Our Expertise Lies in Our Experience

You get to partner with an agency whose team members have led marketing campaigns for large brands like JCPenney, Stanley Tools, Dewalt Solutions, M.GEMI, KNESKO Skin and Proof Syrup.


Say goodbye to cookie-cutter marketing strategies.

Say hello to customized strategies that lead to consistent multiple-5 and 6-figure sales months.

We don’t believe in overcomplicated, wildly complex campaigns with bend-over-backwards strategies…they’re exhausting and ineffective. 

So what’s our secret?

Our secret is that there is no secret. We simplify your marketing strategy, make data-driven decisions, and execute for you so you can sit back and watch your marketing work for you. 

When you hire Cheya Media, you get access to a talented team with expertise in:

Positioning + Branding Support

Email Marketing + Content Strategy

Meta, Google + TikTok Ads

Conversion Rate Optimizations



You can feel good about where you’re spending your money. We donate 10% of all our profit to 501C3 organizations founded by and created for marginalized communities!

Are You Ready?

What it all comes down to is simplicity. 

Our data-driven, holistic approach to creating profitable marketing campaigns means you don’t need over-complicated ads and manufactured content tactics. 

Say goodbye to jumping on content and marketing trends that you see on Tiktok and Instagram and hello to strategies that drive results. 

Our proven system puts you in control of your growth. Leave behind relying on algorithms, hoping for referrals, and posting just to post. 

Right from the start, our only focus is helping your audience understand who you are and how you help them. This means that your ads, emails, and websites aren’t just converting, they’re actually profitable. 

If you’re ready to scale your business and increase revenue, it’s time to partner with Cheya Media.