Make More Money, Save Time & Build Stronger Relationships with Your Audience

When you work with us, you will have a highly-converting Email & SMS marketing strategy implemented within your business so you can turn subscribers into paying customers.


You've poured your heart and soul into your business, but the results haven't matched your efforts.

Despite being an entrepreneur through and through, you know that marketing isn't exactly your strong suit.

But, you're determined to find a way to ensure your business enjoys steady sales month after month, without having to handle all the grunt work yourself.

That's where our performance marketing team comes in. Whether you're seeking ongoing marketing support or a one-time intensive boost, we've got the expertise to drive targeted leads, increase conversions, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

We see you! You've tried "all the things" and the last thing you need is another cookie-cutter strategy or a complicated program.

You're putting in the work. You're keeping up with emails and posts, but it seems you're either overwhelming or underwhelming your audience. Your content lacks the spark to truly engage them and get the response you want. Unsure of what's missing or how to fix it, you're also fed up with agencies and freelancers who don't understand your brand or needs. It's a good thing you came to the right place. ;)


What if you partnered with an expert-marketing team who did things a little differently?

While some marketing agencies obsess over vanity metrics, we focus on creating real results that generate revenue through data-driven, relationship-based strategies.

Our data-driven, relationship-first approach to marketing campaigns has led to amazing wins, like:

  • Multiple 6-figure quarters through an organic email marketing strategy alone
  • 18X ROI from optimizing automated email flows within 3 months
  • Adding $25,000+ per month of revenue in passive sales

More importantly, our clients have been able to:

  • Take maternity leave, enjoy their new baby and still have 5-Figure Flash Sales without lifting a single finger.
  • Go on a 3-week long vacation during the launch of their group program and come back with 20+ inquiries and sales calls booked on their calendar.
  • Jumpstart a brand new business and fuel the growth of that second business with the revenue from our marketing campaigns.

We've worked with brands from inception to $10M in revenue per year. As long as we're a great fit, you can bank on a team that focuses on results each and every time.


- E-commerce brands (beauty, health, wellness, fashion, food & treats)

- Aesthetic studios & medical spas

- Accounting firms

- Law firms

- Wedding venues

- Travel & hospitality (yacht charters & luxury BnB's)

- Tech start-ups & non-profit organizations

- Coaches & course creators (wellness, health & relationship niches)


Our data-driven, holistic approach to creating profitable marketing campaigns means you don’t need over-complicated ads and manufactured content tactics. 

Our only focus is helping your audience understand who you are and how you help them. When you hire Cheya Media, you get access to a talented team with expertise in:

Content Strategy + Positioning Support

Email + SMS Marketing

Meta, Google + Pinterest Ads

Conversion Rate Optimizations

We're not your typical marketing agency...

An intimate Team, High-Touch Daily Support: Our 5-person team is small but mighty; we're passionate, dedicated, highly-motivated and results-oriented... all for you and your brand. When we're in it, we're 100% in it.

Data Obsessed, Relationship Focused: Every decision made for you and your business is backed by insights and analytics. We balance prioritizing your audience with the customer journey within your brand.

Our Expertise Lies in Our Experience: You get to partner with an agency whose team members have led marketing campaigns for large brands like JCPenney, Stanley Tools, Dewalt Solutions, M.GEMI, KNESKO Skin and Proof Syrup.

Hear What Some of Our Clients Have to Say:

Nicole Cruz
TEDx Speaker & Leadership Coach

Julia Neto

Personal Trainer & Founder of an Online Membership

Allie Mazur

Coach & Founder of Online Business

Maria Wodzinska

E-Commerce Beauty Founder


We're your strategic partners, committed to helping you achieve sustainable growth and lasting success.

A message from Our Founder

If you're seeking marketing assistance that delivers tangible results, you've landed in the perfect spot.

I'm Chelsya and I help founders make more money while minimizing the anxiety and stress that come with running their own business.

With over 7 years of hands-on experience in content strategy and data-driven marketing, I've partnered with 400+ companies, from industry giants like JCPenney and Stanley Tools to innovative startups like Proof Syrup and AARP.

My passion lies in helping e-commerce and service-based businesses scale authentically, maximize impact, and boost revenue — all while freeing up founders to focus on what they do best. Let's make your business goals a reality, together!